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Keep Christ in Christmas Magnets and Decals
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Fr. William A. Daly, SJ Counci 2122
Manhasset- Great Neck NY
  Officers & Delegates
Grand Knight Matt Falcone
Deputy Grand Knight Bruce Marsanico
Chancellor Peter Henry
Warden John Huber
Chaplain * Fr. Jhia
Assoc. Chaplains * Fr. Bob Romeo
Recorder Peter Killian
Treasurer Jay Durkin
Financial Secretary ** Kevin Ondrey PGK
Lecturer * Jim Brooks
Advocate Pierenzo Calosso PGK
Inside Guards Jim Sharkey
  David Engel
Anthony Brienza
Outside Guards Nick Creatore
Maurice Galvin
Trustee  3 year  Ted Newkirk PGK
Trustee 2 year John Lokay PGK
Trustee 1 year Tom Mayerhauser PGK
Delegates NYS & Nassau Conference
Grand Knight Matt Falcone
Grand Knight Alternate Ted Newkirk PGK
PGK Delegate Thomas Mayerhauser, PGK
PGK Alternate John M. Lokay, Jr   PGK
Nassau Chapter Delegates Matt Falcone
Bruce Marsanico
John Huber
Hi-lited officers are for attendance purposes  
* appointed by GK
** appointed by Supreme