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Keep Christ in Christmas Magnets and Decals
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Nativity Car Magnet

This Nativity Scene car magnet got started by the St. Margaret Mary Council in Algonquin Illinois in 2005. The unique look tells the story "Keep Christ in Christmas". You don't really have to be able to read it to get the message. The reason for the success of this program is, it spreads the Keep Christ in Christmas message and it also is a very effective fundraiser for thousands of Christian organizations throughout the USA and Canada. We are the distributor for the Northeastern United States but will fill any order placed on this website.

Christmas Decal

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The attractive magnet is white with a black border and has the words Keep Christ in Christmas emblazoned across the bottom, and is highly visible on all colors and styles of cars and trucks. The actual size is 6 1/4" x 4".

Individual magnets $4.00 each
25 to 49 magnets $3.00 each
50 to 99 magnets $2.45 each
100 to 199 magnets $1.95 each
200 or more magnets $1.40 each
Plus shipping