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Keep Christ in Christmas Magnets and Decals
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Here’s a Great Way to Keep Christ in Christmas....

.........While at the same time, raising money for your group!

The Knights of Columbus, Father William A. Daly Council #2122 in Manhasset NY is the distributor of the “Keep Christ in Christmas” Nativity Magnets and Decals. It is a proven success! We have been distributing them for over 10 years and each year sales continue to increase. Why not get some for your group and show your support for keeping Christ in Christmas.Most organizations use this as a fundraiser by selling either the Magnets for $5.00 each. You and your organization can net $700 per box of 200 Magnets with just a small investment of time and effort.

Here’s how it can be a Fundraiser

Purchase a box of 200 @ $1.40 ea. = $280.00 Plus $20.00 shipping = $300.  Advertise the individual magnets in your weekly bulletin or Council Website for $5.00 each. Set up a table in the vestibule of your Church after Mass and you’ll be surprised by the congregations demand. Remember, these can’t be found in any local retail stores and since the money goes right back to the community, it benefits everyone involved. We have set up tables outside local supermarkets and have had great success. Our Squires and Columbiettes have used these as well to support their Christian activities. 

After selling all 200 at $5.00 each, your profit will be $700 per box!

All the money we raise goes directly to helping our parish, their students and the poor & needy. Any amount can be ordered, click the “Order Now” link below. We hope you and your group will join us in keeping “Christ” in Christmas! Thank You.

Christmas Decal

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The attractive magnet is white with a black border and has the words Keep Christ in Christmas emblazoned across the bottom, and is highly visible on all colors and styles of cars and trucks. The actual size is 7” wide by 4 3/4“ tall.

These magnets are available for the Spanish Community  as well!

Smaller Quantity Costs:
100 to 199 @ $1.95 plus shipping 50 to 99 @ $2.45 plus shipping 25 to 49 @$3.00 plus shipping
1 to 49 @ $4.00 plus shipping

If you are in the Long Island area you can save on the shipping charges of about $20.00 per box by picking up your order in Manhasset NY.


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